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A great value we add to our service thanks to our battery production experience: We find the group of defective battery cells in your vehicle's battery and replace only the dead battery cells. If necessary, we make a complete battery pack.



Success Requires

Our company has shown the courage to produce and repair the batteries of electric cars for the first time in Turkey. In this context, we also produce and repair electric motorcycle and electric bicycle batteries.

Zero Emission

Electric vehicles produce zero exhaust emissions compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. This improves air quality and contributes to reducing air pollution in cities; It prevents the release of harmful gases caused by fossil fuel use into the atmosphere and contributes to the fight against climate change.

Sustainable Source

Electric vehicles use energy more efficiently, resulting in a more sustainable use of energy resources. Additionally, electric vehicle batteries can be reused through recycling processes, which helps preserve natural resources.

Less Noise Pollution

Electric vehicles operate quietly and produce less noise than internal combustion engines. This feature helps reduce noise pollution in cities and create a livable environment. Additionally, quiet driving provides a more comfortable experience for drivers and passengers.

Reduced Fossil Fuel Consumption

The widespread use of electric vehicles leads to a decrease in fossil fuel demand. This reduces the environmental impacts caused during oil extraction and transportation. It also encourages greater use of renewable energy in energy production, which reduces the use of fossil fuels.


Now let’s learn a little more about battery repair.
Electric car, motorcycle, bicycle. Almost all of them go through the same battery repair process.
While electric vehicles themselves are still very new, our company is thinking about the future of battery repair and is trying to inform electric vehicle users as much as possible.

Yes, it breaks. Manufacturers do not want their battery technologies to be available to the public. Maybe it's a sales strategy. They prefer to sell new batteries directly to the customer instead of repairing them. They don't take kindly to you having it repaired outside. However, if we consider that a car worth 2 million only has a battery of 1 million, why wouldn't the customer have the battery repaired for, say, 10 thousand liras?

No. Thanks to the controller(s) in your electric vehicle, there is no possibility of the voltage going to the vehicle being low or high. I mean, I had my battery repaired, my headlight broke, the air conditioner didn't work, I got a flat tire, etc. No. Battery repair is only related to the electrical energy going to your vehicle. In fact, your battery will last longer if the repair is done properly.

We first tried to detect this with OBD devices without removing the battery, but we saw that it was not healthy. If the 3rd and 8th series of a 10 series battery are faulty, the device cannot fully show the faults after the 3rd series. He's right, because if the streak is broken he won't be able to reach the next groups. That's why we first disassemble your battery with clean workmanship. We diagnose the malfunction with our various detection devices and send you a video.

We guarantee only the parts of the batteries we repair. For example, if we have changed the BMS card, we only guarantee the BMS card. If we replace 2 out of 10 battery groups, we only give warranty to the group we replaced. However, we still do not cut corners and say that this is not our fault. Instead, we do our best to help our customers. After all, you are using your vehicle with batteries containing 10s, 100s of battery cells. Of course, you should choose a reliable battery service.

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Do you need a private battery pack? Let us help.

First, specify the usage area for the battery pack we will make with lithium-ion or LifePo-4 battery cells. Then, let's determine how much volts and amps of battery you need. Then, let's decide together what kind of batteries and how much power we should use.

  • Boat
  • Yacht
  • Caravan
  • Forklift
  • Solar Energy
  • Household and industrial type

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