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About ZipPil

Our company, established in Gaziantep with 20 years of battery and electronics experience, diagnoses and repairs the batteries of your vehicles such as electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and electric scooters. If necessary, we replace the BMS board, all of the battery cells inside, or just the faulty battery group.

For your private battery pack needs such as boats, yachts, caravans, forklifts and pallet trucks, we decide together whether we should use Lithium-ion or LifePO4, based on your demands and requests. After determining the volt and ampere values, we calculate the total cost with our high-class BMS cards.
  • 18650 Lithium ion 1000 cycle
  • Prismatic LifePO4  2000 cycle
  • 32700 LifePO4 2000 cycle

Success Requires

Our company has shown the courage to repair the batteries of electric cars for the first time in Turkey. In this context, we also repair electric motorcycle and electric bicycle batteries.


Corporate Service Infrastructure

Thanks to equipment and software equipped with artificial intelligence technology, our company performs battery removal, fault detection, repair and assembly operations without damaging your vehicle during service, prioritizing personnel safety.

Battery Production

Our company first started battery production with electric bicycle batteries. We learned as we produced, and produced as we learned. Would you like to take a look at what we can do now?

Battery Repair

When we encounter various types of battery packs and different series of BMS cards and workmanship, we can now predict which malfunction originates from where and go directly to the conclusion.

ZipPil, is a registered brand of our company.

Company Name: Erhan Gazi Bilgisayar Reklam Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi

Address: Incilipınar Mah. 36018 Sk. No:4/A
Sehitkamil 27100 Gaziantep Türkiye
Tax Office: Gazikent – Tax ID: 3590328124
Tel&Fax: +90 342 266 0 745

zippil.com.tr  info@zippil.com.tr
Mersis No: 0359032812400018

Our Registered Brand

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