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Wholesale Electric Bicycle Battery

The importance of electric bicycles is increasing day by day, and the performance and usage time of these bicycles largely depend on battery technologies. The batteries of electric bicycles generally consist of lithium ion batteries and offer the advantage of high energy density and lightness. Batteries are a critical element that determines the range, speed and performance of the bike.

Our Empowered Batteries

  • RSIII series bottom discharge battery
  • Skyjet series plastic case battery
  • SpeedLight series side discharge battery
  • Alfa Romeo and Jeep models inside battery
  • ZF series port baggage battery
  • RD5 and RD8 series battery

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Developments in battery technology allow the production of longer-lasting, faster-rechargeable and safer batteries. Our company aims to make the use of electric bicycles more widespread and environmentally friendly by developing more efficient and durable battery types. In this process, the discovery of innovative materials and advances in production techniques play an important role in improving the performance of electric bicycle batteries and providing more suitable solutions to the needs of users.


Big Knowledge at e-Bike Business

With our experience gained from the e-bike sales activities we have carried out since the pandemic period; We know very well issues such as which battery fits which model, which battery we should strengthen and how much.

The First, Again

Our company, Turkey’s first electric bicycle battery manufacturer, has combined technology with its past experiences in the motorcycle and bicycle industry.

Quality Priority

We neither avoid epoxy, nor paper nor shrink. We do not compromise on our quality. Years later, when someone opens our battery for repair and maintenance, they will say “the guys did a good job, they didn’t miss the insulation material, they used the fuses and sockets properly”. Let them say, “That’s why nothing has happened to these batteries for years.” This is enough for us. Only in this way can we provide energy to your bike for many years. Only this way, when you call us again, we can answer your phone with peace of mind and smile.

We do electric bicycle battery production in original and empowered versions for the best-selling e-bike models in Europe. We have necessary docs for export.

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