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“I would rather lose money than lose people's trust” Robert Bosch. There is no point in changing the part that is not faulty. There is no point in renewing batteries that have not expired or are out of balance. If only the fuse of the user's battery is blown, we must replace the fuse for a little money; not the complete battery. The repair and service mission requires this.

Electric Bicycle Battery Repair

Things to Know Before Service Registration

Please leave a service ticket after reading all the steps.

Leave your service record.

Send your free shipping battery with the code you will receive from the system after registration. (also include the charger and ignition key.)

Send only the battery, not the complete bike :).

Please pack your battery well using cardboard boxes and foam.

After your battery reaches us, we will take a troubleshooting video and post it.

We can post an example troubleshooting video.

Once you approve the expense, we can start the process.

If you do not confirm the cost, we will only collect the 2-way shipping fee and send your battery back.

After the repair and revision process is completed, we will send your battery back with free shipping.

Only the part of the repaired batteries that we repair or replace has a 6-month warranty. For example, if we have changed the battery, when your BMS card malfunctions, this is a new malfunction and requires a new process. However, as long as you follow the lithium battery usage instructions that we will include in the box, you will not need to call us for years.

Can I renew the battery and increase the range?

Yes. When you change a battery, which is originally 36V 10Ah, to 36V 16Ah, for example, it will not cause any harm to the engine or the brain, and its performance will not increase or decrease; Since its capacity increases from 10 amps to 16 amps, its range increases by 60%. You can think of it like a power bank. While a 5 thousand mah power bank fills your phone once, a 10 thousand mah power bank fills it 2 times. Same way.

What’s empowered battery? ->

Will the charger change when I renew my batteries?

No. When we renew the battery and increase your range, only the capacity of the batteries increases. You can use your existing charger since your current voltage value of 36V or 48V will remain the same.


Do you send my old batteries?

Yes. If you want your old batteries, please give us info before cargo. Your old batteries are of no use to us and are thrown into the waste battery bin. If you are not going to use your batteries when we send them to you, please do not throw away your old batteries. There is danger of explosion and fire. Institutions such as municipalities have waste battery collection boxes. Be sure to throw your old batteries into the waste battery collection box.

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