daly 100 balance bms zippil 2

First in Turkey. Daly, one of the world's highest quality BMS manufacturers, shared its product named Daly 100 Balance BMS LifePO4, which it launched in 2024, with our ZipPil brand for the first time, choosing us among dozens of dealers in Turkey.


Emphasizing that such a top-class BMS card will provide a significant quality competitive advantage in this conversion process as a result of the valuable work done by ZipPil in the market in the LifePO4 battery conversion of gel battery electric cars, Daly sales manager said that ZipPil, which has gained a serious place in the market with its production and service quality, will continue to create new products in the future. She stated that ZipPil will be successful at the battery service and battery production of next-generation electric cars in the future.

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